Just another Ordinary Day In The Universe :)

Just another Ordinary Day In The Universe :)

Meditate and tap into the Silence inside. Mellowing your mind will lead you to a more clearer and energized self.


We Might Be More Amazing Than We Have Thought Ourselves To Be!!!

It is quite amazing that humans have the power to not only Imagine something but to create it as well. Everything we see in front of us was in someones mind once upon a time. We are the only species that can create with such precision. This blows my mind. Have you ever thought of how amazing it is that we fly in the air to travel around this globe and now even space and other planets? Have you ever taken a step back to look at and absorb this? Or are you too busy worrying about the ketchup stain on your shirt which clearly means nothing to the universe? We have the ability now to communicate love notes in text messages in under a few seconds. How great is this for Lovers, who now do not need to wait months and months for distant communication? It can happen more rapidly. Machines that allow billions of people to freely voice themselves… My goodness. The access to information we have in one day wasn’t even reached in a life time 200 years ago. Do you understand the evolution that this allows the human species to achieve mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally? All in such a short time. I know, I know many of you are thinking of all the wrong stuff going on at the same time. However,with your minds eye put your opinion aside and see that, the way life is shaping itself out to be and what people are doing on a small scale will one day become a big scale and because of our generation this planet in 100 + years from now will be looking mighty sexy. Hey, all I am saying is give yourselves a round of applause. Call me crazy but I see through all of what we are doing. Folks we are evolving into a greater Human Version than our previous lovely, courageous humans. Just the fact we are self aware makes me want to run around the planet screaming in everyones faces, IM ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DO YOU FEEEEL IT?! YOURE ALLLIIIVEEEEE! HUG ME AND SHUT UP MAN!” Who cares if your eyes are smaller than mine? Does it matter that your skin is darker than mine? What? You think your religion is better than mine? Who cares, I‘M ALLLIIIVVEEE! Oh my goodness, do you understand the levels of SEXY aliveness is? We are a species that is figuring it out. Yes indeed, I understand that there are wars, poverty, injustice, extremists. All of that is junk and wack but we are doing okay. Do not stare at the news to see how true it is when I say we are doing okay. Go to your local stores and neighborhoods, go to your local yoga studio and meditation center, go and talk to the dreamers, speak to the scientists, pay attention to what we are talking about on a grander scale. We are about to evolve a whole lot more. Way more than anyone has ever witnessed in our understanding of history.
You know, I want you to look into a newborn babys eyes. I want you to put your beliefs aside and see the higher vibration that is now entering and is being hosted in all of the upgraded humans. Next time you go to the beach instead of just looking left and right, look up and down maybe even horizontally. Next time you think this world has gone mad, go out of your way and look at all of the things that have gone well in a day. You see, the truth is that we feel lonely and abandoned deep down inside because we have no FUCKING clue what we are doing here. So, we come up with a bunch of BULLSHIT to make us feel comfortable, when all we need to do is face the facts. We are given the opportunity to experience life on a planet which is as alive as you and me, in a galaxy which has the ability to host life on many more of its planets and live in a universe where we have no recollection ofwho, what, when, where and why. That, in fact, this whole thing might need to be re-examined and given a deeper look at. You feel good when you make up your mind about something. You make your self believe, like when your primitive teachings tell you that you are the only species in the universe. LMFAO I seriously can not think of anything that makes me laugh more. My goodness, there are an infinite number of stars out there with new ones being born from dying ones every minute, millions of galaxies and planets with the ability to host life and you selfishly think the planet you so happened to land on, which you have no clue how, is the only one that can host and bless someone with life? I know you are thinking perhaps we are the lucky ones but let me share a short story with you:
I once had an experience when I went to sleep during a regular night. That night I had the beautiful opportunity to leave my body and travel to space. I got to see this earth from above which literally was completely and beautifully overwhelming to take in. As my soul continued to journey in space this experience became realer than real, if you get what I mean. I had the opportunity to travel at light speed to other planets that hosted life. I got to see what other species have done on their planets and let me tell you, we are very far behind in many things. I have seen cities that make Manhattan seem like a small town. I have seen technology that make our I-phones look like a baby’s toy. I have seen levels of LOVE that a physical body can host and it has humbled me in great ways. I was shown the levels of love and intelligence each individual human body has the potential to express and it literally hurt, because energetically my body is nowhere near that level of expression. I have witnessed intelligence that has made me question ours. I can go on with the details but I would need about 300 pages of loose leaf paper to explain all of the amazing details. All I am saying is open your heart and mind up to the greater. I believe you are so much greater than the greatest you have ever thought of yourself to be. Trust this life more than you have. Give it your best every day because if you were to see the perfection behind all of this you might spend about a month of human time in complete stillness and bliss. I,as a matter of a fact, know that you are so much more than what anyone, even your own parents, has ever made you believe. You must learn to truly listen to yourselves. I am so grateful this life has allowed me to see all that I have seen up until now. I am expecting now, more than ever, for life to reveal even more to me. I know that I know very little but I also know that I am greater than the level of understanding my human body has the potential to understand. I feel. I touch. I understand. I smell. I see. I sense. I am not here to put the human race down. I am here just like you, expressing what I see. I am here simply saying LETS BRING THIS HUMAN EXPERIENCE TO THE NEXT DAMN LEVEL. BECAUSE WE CAN. WE CAN. I KNOW WE CAN. NOW LETS DO THIS BECAUSE IF WE DON’T IT WOULD BE VERY, VERY SAD. MY GOODNESS, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.