Contact For Bookings. Come in with this picture and receive $20.00 off your 1st session.

Contact For Bookings. Come in with this picture and receive $20.00 off your 1st session.

It takes work to look within oneself and together we can work to tear down the walls of limitation that we have been taught our entire lives. We are beings with incredible potentials to thrive and we have the tools to grow and become magnificent, unique individuals. To reach a higher level of awareness, we must step out of our comfort zones and start to remember the beauty and perfections we are. Once you start to understand at a deeper level who you are, all else seems to go into place. Remember that it is very important to go on that journey within yourself to release everyday stresses, anxieties, depression, and emotional imbalances. As a person who has been on a spiritual path for as long as I can remember, I can understand the feelings of limitations and the want to break free and I am here to give spiritual awareness to those who are in need of balancing their lives spiritually, emotionally and physically. I have discovered several ways that I believe can benefit those who are seeking help. My work relieves pain from the body, build ups of held back emotions and past issues. Bio-Energetic healing’s release these emotions and blockages leaving one feeling stronger with a clearer mind. Bio-Energies wake up the healing powers within. There is so much more to life then what one is currently experiencing and your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Let Yourself Experience Love Fully

Let Yourself Experience Love Fully

When two people love each other they should spend each and every single day together, exploring each others uniqueness. They must show passion and do as they please. To say, “I can’t say I love you yet because it’s too soon”, even though they truly feel it, would mean they are limiting the passion they feel. They should just let it come out. If it is there, explore it. This is about connecting with your lover in the highest way possible. Although some humans may not know this, in order to feel an intense and extreme love for someone instantly in this physical realm you must understand that you know this Soul from perhaps lifetimes ago, other realms, dimensions and existences. This is very true and if you explore this you will see how this is a fact not an opinion. This is why you should let yourself go and simply explore your lover because you already know each other. To not let yourself explore would mean that you are not being honest with yourself and the only possible outcome of that is inner limitation. I allow myself to be fully open and explore love and emotion with the one I have attracted, in the greatest and highest way possible. I am open to receiving and I am constantly giving. This will lead you to great levels of deep connection with yourself and your lover. At the end of the day it is an energetic exchange that we seek. We are here for the energetic manifestation and exploration made into realization through this physical incarnation.

Experience With The Stars.

During the course of my spiritual journey’s the past 6 years I have had numerous experiences with the STARS. I am not talking about me staring at the stars and just mezmorizing the beautiful light they hold or the wonder that I hold when I look at them. I am going to share with you an experience I had. You can dismiss this sure, however you can’t have a say or explanation because it is my experience and I own it. It is my property, it is my experience observe it and make up your mind… A cup of coffee or tea might be good for this one. 

So I am a person who has many dreams during the night and I can surely say when I go to sleep I attend a realm or place of sleep which seems the normal person isn’t going to at night, a very lucid and wakeful sleep I’d say. For me its not lights out and wake up in the morning. When I am asleep I am more awake than I have been the whole day I am so lucid in my dreaming that I can smell, touch, feel, hear, and communicate clearer than I can in this human body I host during the day, I tap into a part of me that I can’t access while awake because of all the filters this body has. Now this story isn’t about my dreams it’s about something that happened while I was awake in this body totally sober and consciously awake and aware but I would say the idea of what I did came from my dreams. When I dream I must tell you I go to the stars and travel space and gain so much insight and clarity for my earthly life I have one thing to say in my mind while I am doing this.. I ask my self how is this possible.. and the answer simply is because it is possible. I personally can accept that. So this one Friday night I had this insanely crazy intense super mega urge to get up from my bed around 11 oclock which I was already half asleep however I couldn’t sleep because I had so many curiosities and questions around why and how is it normal that I have this insane love for the stars. I am not saying I like the stars. I feel literary obsessed at times as if I came from there or something. At this point of my life I never watched a star treck movie and was surely no sci fi freak so I had no clue where these dreams were coming from. So keep in mind now I get up and I know a spot which some might know of out in Long Island New York a place called Greenport and at night time the amount of stars you can see is literary mind boggling. I take the 1 hour or so drive out there and maybe a little longer because I am driving solely based on intuition trusting that I think I remember how to go. Before I know it I am there at the beautiful beach my lovely father always took us when we were younger… me myself and the stars ready to shout out what I was so eager to shout and as scared as I was  because it was pitch black I was so ready..  Because of the dreams I have at night and the places I go during the night, these questions and thoughts had arose.. 
   I know I am connected to the stars, I see you in my dreams, I hear your voices communicating to me the most beautiful messages of love and wisdom, I understand that you come off as human and angelic looking as I and all the folk on earth but you tell me you come from the stars and that my level of intelligence can’t understand the part of the universe you come from because it is a level of intelligence we on earth haven’t reached yet but clearly capable of, you show me your cities and technology that my imagination still can’t understand what this stuff is or what it does, you speak to me telepathically and tell me I don’t have the tongue to speak your language, However I think I am going crazy over here I mean come on I am just trying to be human here and you mean to tell me I out of all humans seem to be talking to Aliens in my dreams and now wide awake….? I must be nuts. So me being silly Angelo its as if I prepared a speech and before I express the speech in words I started to meditate on the beach standing up, I kid you not it couldn’t have been a minute later I felt as if the top of my head blew open, and as if I had 500 watts of electricity passing through my body this Energy, force, sensations of electricity was so strong that I could not move my body. I didn’t think,I knew I was literary feeling a huge force and ball of energy maybe a hundred feet up. I can’t tell you I saw a spaceship or ufo however there was clearly a force of something above me, extremely powerful!!! I was literary stationary for about 15 minutes. During this what I would think was 15 minutes I initially in the first few moments experienced as  if an expansion of time took place it felt like what I was just about to witness was going to be 15 hours long but my body would perceive it as 15 minutes. After I got over the time thing I started to feel in the middle of winter the warmest feeling and sensation all around my body and I literary stopped feeling cold and felt as you would feel on a chilly summer night, that lead to me feeling the most intense experience of love. I felt as if there was 4-7 Souls/Beings sending me the most intense version of love I could handle and of course I couldn’t hold it back I started to tear from joy and humbleness that I would be loved so very much and I clearly can tell you I felt and can pin point where the spirits were exactly. The beings I felt moving all around me felt as real as a person standing next you, the smells, heat, and presence. As this was going on I felt as if the top of my head became a lazer beam that beamed towards a specific star and I understood that my mind was about to download all the information from that star system and answer many of my own questions. It’s as if theses Beings were there helping me get to the state of trance I needed to be in order to receive this information. I felt so energized that I can even say it almost hurt a soreness you would get from a workout. This proceeded and for a few minutes a mixture of the most intense joy, love, wisdom, and knowing was going through me and I literary felt as if I was bigger than the earth and perhaps even bigger than the galaxy for a few moments I felt and knew at that moment that I live in a place where we as a whole have forgotten a whole lot about who it is that we are. I know for a second or two I saw a city in my minds eye that looked so advanced I can say it makes us look like amateurs in architecture. My body was sizzling from head to toe. And one last thought kept popping in I reach  a point where I realized I was emanating way more love and energy that I have ever expressed in this Angelo body and the last thought passing through the new and aware self was. I am going to help so many people expand themselves. I am going to help so many people expand themselves. I am going to be there for all who wish to expand themselves. I am going to show people more love than they ever have felt before. I will show people that they are way more way wiser than they have been shown. This felt so powerful it was as if my dna awakened to something it was dormant. I felt so alive more than ever before. Happiness… lets just say I was always a happy person but the level of happiness I held and hold after this is experience you would think I was depressed previously. Now the ending of this experience was the clear indicator that something unique just happened. I felt one last thing before the ending it’s as if I felt supported in what I was about to do by thousands of beings from other planets that is in plain English what I felt my mind expanded so much that I was literary everywhere at once. I felt supported by so many beings and was allowed to feel that I will have guidance and help at all times all I need do is Communicate and take the time to connect. After the extreme level of Support it was if they packed up and left in which it turned off or everything went back to normal and felt as quiet as a room would feel after you turn off a t.v. Its clearly off and you feel it and see it. All is quiet now. 
Following this experience I saw that since that day people started to respond to me differently, its as if there eyes told me you have something I need, the phone calls I got people said Hey called to see how you are doing and what I would hear is I called because you are going to help me relax I have been very stressed, the amount and intensity of getting electric shocked was out of this world after this experience I started to get electric shocked so much that it would hurt my hands. I felt as if my levels of focus were better than ever, my sleep decreased for I was too energized and inspired to sleep, my desire to be present in this world and just express my self was heightened, I felt as if I remembered an aspect of my self that I always had been trying to realize. These beings felt like the most supportive beings I ever met. A few weeks after this experience I randomly was stopped by an individual which is another story in itself and he said this to me. You are here to help people, you have remembered something amazing and you have amazing dreams which you will write a book about one day, all you need to do is get up and start expressing your self don’t be afraid. I almost fainted he told me and validated everything I had witnessed a few weeks before ever knowing him. I never met or saw him again. A few months later I met another lady who then clearly got me thinking and understanding the word of what I was experiencing. You are a Healer she tells me. You are here to help people. You actually already do but you don’t even know it. Everything changed the rest of the ripple effect of after this experience will be shared in stories to come in the near future. I must tell you details so you can see how amazing this is. 
If I can leave you off on one thing it would be this. You are amazing beyond words. You have abilities and are capable of what we would call Miracles. You are an extremely brave Spirit your Incarnation on earth is honored and cared for by the whole universe. You effect life more than you think you do. Opening up your mind will allow you to opening up your heart. And that will lead you to your fulfillment. Listen to your Intuition. 

Is it Harmful to Not be Spiritual…?

     This is a question I ask myself and at first I thought it was coming from my ego not my heart. I was thinking, “Hey Angelo, just because you are spiritual and your life has seemed to become more amazing because of it, you are being foolish thinking that this is how everyone should be”. However, if you investigate this topic from a neutral perspective you will see that YES, IT IS indeed harmful to not be. Why? Well, for one thing Spirituality adds meaning to life. When a Human being has a “reason” for being here it is then that he is most driven from the depths of his Soul. Spirituality makes you participate and become aware of every single thing you are doing. This may lead to constructive conclusions on how to better your life. Instead of stagnation and not doing anything to prevent that stagnation, you gain clarity and energy for your Dreams and Visions showing you what your life should be. It is then that you start taking the proper steps for improvement. It is that connection that you are ultimately seeking. 
    In meditation I once had an epiphany that I could be a more loving Human. I felt it in my heart like never before. It was an experience I can’t explain but I sure felt it and wanted to express it more than ever to everyone. My life was challenging me in every way and it was showing this to me through all of my attractions to people and the responses to those attractions. My relationships seemed to be complete proof of this. It was as if every relationship was challenging me to open my heart and I didn’t understand this until my epiphany.   
   Now what caused me to have this epiphany? I monitored my perspectives before I developed a meditation practice and then again after a meditation practice. Before meditation I never realized how disconnected I was from my mind. I saw that I let my mind take over me instead of me taking over my mind. So, right then and there, this realization alone had allowed me to become more neutral and less aggravated when certain things would happen, such as a stranger cutting me off on the highway. I cared less about controlling people and their actions which led me to becoming a more open and nonjudgmental friend. I actually, for the first time ever, caught my self thinking, what if the person cutting you off just got fired from his job, or what if his girlfriend just dumped him, what if he had just found out his father went to the hospital? Just those few thoughts had allowed me to become more neutral and loving toward something that previously seemed to be extremely annoying. Now the ripple affect of this led to me having a more peaceful and alert driving experience, which then led to me shutting off my radio. And as I took a breather for the first time ever and found a new perspective, it’s as if I tapped into a whole new level of inner peace. I had the realization that I need to just chill out and understand that there are millions of drivers in the streets of New York City and that they obviously will not all drive the way I expect them to and wanting them to do so would be a very controlling thing to do. Naturally, with that attitude I would be setting myself up for inner stress. This made me realize that I want to let people just be people and that nobody has to respond and react the way that I want them to. That would be a pretty boring way of living anyway! 
    Because I started to now just let people express who they are, not who I want them to be, I found that I was able to get along with people in a whole new way. It also allowed for conversations to flow deeper because I wouldn’t interrupt with my foolish opinion anymore. I found that if I took a step back and listened to people more, it would lead me to understanding someone more, which then would lead me to being able to dig inside for a better and more loving response. This would have the end result of gaining people’s good graces and respect, which allowed room for me to then express myself even more. Now, this popped up in every area of my life: work, family, friends, etc. This is only one small example of a discovery about myself that meditation led me to have. Meditation allows you to become more sensitive and if you are not ignorantly stubborn you just may come up with awesome new ways of coping with the problems and nuances of everyday life. 
       You see if Spirituality was plainly observed and truly practiced by everyone, this world would be a better place. People lack the will of bettering themselves because they think that they have it all figured out. It is because of this, that they then end up limiting and shutting off the mind to new ideas and experiences. The older you get the more prone you become to making up your beliefs through these falsities you are shaping your life. It is sort of like a ripple effect. Meditation allows you to put into perspective those ideas you were never able to grasp. Once the mind becomes a bit more silent you automatically start tapping into the subconscious mind. It is always talking to you but your conscious mind can be so loud that you are ignoring it through your entire life. In meditation you tap into other dimensions and aspects of your mind and if you take the time to explore these other realms you will see that something as trivial as an anger problem can disappear in the blink of an eye. Anxiety can be transformed to constructive motivation instead of fear. Greed can turn into generosity. Confusion to clarity. Anyone you ask that has truly explored meditation can tell you that they do a lot better after holding a meditation practice. Scientific studies have been done that have allowed scientists to say, people who meditate even have healthier organs because of the decreased stress. When you are in a feel good state you have no time for stress, it does your body good. This is what happens in meditation. You reach points of Realization. Now some people may be thinking I am happy where I am and I have no anger anymore. Indeed this might be true. However, why not reach a even deeper level of peace? Isn’t that what evolution is supposed to be? Us becoming better and more effective in this material world… Right? So if you think you’ve felt love, try to feel more. If you think you’ve felt happiness then let your self feel more. If you believe you are strong open up to more strength. I must say that Meditation and holding a spiritual connection to life has allowed me to become a more focused person when it comes to my work, which has allowed me to achieve and succeed in a better way. You can utilize meditation in many ways; not just to rid emotions of anger but to bring momentum and excitement to emotions such as your will power and ability to make something happen. You can use it to bring focus to your visions and dreams. You can use it to  better and deepen your sleeping patterns. Spirituality to me is simply acknowledging life and taking part with your full attention. You become a better problem solver when you are connected to the spiritual aspect of life instead of feeling like a victim. You see what is happening and you change direction. You come up with solutions and you stop being “soft” in other words. So don’t fool yourself and think that someone who is a stock broker isn’t connected to the spiritual realms of life. Some people have this naturally happening to them and just because you don’t find a stock broker singing in drum circles doesn’t mean he or she isn’t connected. We are all connected. The point is to deepen the connection and discover and strengthen your weaknesses. Acknowledge your strengths and become more connected to the self and the universe than ever before. This is about your journey and how you can enjoy it in a greater way. Being Spiritual is not about calling in the gods -which can happen for some people- it’s about making the connections and seeing with your eyes wide open. We look at our lives mostly through squinted eyes because we are scared of what life might look like with our eyes wide open. The reason you are scared is because you are stuck in your ways. I am challenging you to break free from whatever it is you need to break free from and see that working with your weaknesses will make you a stronger person. Meditation is the place in which you find some quiet and in the quiet is where you have realizations. Your meditation can perhaps be planting flowers, walking, going to the gym, aerobics, knitting, etc. Whatever it is find that quiet place and build your new life. 
It is recommended to sit in a place of intended quiet to tap into higher frequencies. You have the ability to do so, so why not.. The more I let go the more room I have to Grow.