Let Yourself Experience Love Fully

Let Yourself Experience Love Fully

When two people love each other they should spend each and every single day together, exploring each others uniqueness. They must show passion and do as they please. To say, “I can’t say I love you yet because it’s too soon”, even though they truly feel it, would mean they are limiting the passion they feel. They should just let it come out. If it is there, explore it. This is about connecting with your lover in the highest way possible. Although some humans may not know this, in order to feel an intense and extreme love for someone instantly in this physical realm you must understand that you know this Soul from perhaps lifetimes ago, other realms, dimensions and existences. This is very true and if you explore this you will see how this is a fact not an opinion. This is why you should let yourself go and simply explore your lover because you already know each other. To not let yourself explore would mean that you are not being honest with yourself and the only possible outcome of that is inner limitation. I allow myself to be fully open and explore love and emotion with the one I have attracted, in the greatest and highest way possible. I am open to receiving and I am constantly giving. This will lead you to great levels of deep connection with yourself and your lover. At the end of the day it is an energetic exchange that we seek. We are here for the energetic manifestation and exploration made into realization through this physical incarnation.


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