Meditate For Crying Out Loud.

Meditate For Crying Out Loud.

Meditation helps you with gaining inner connection. Correction: this practice isn’t for hippies, it’s for the ones who seek something deeper within themselves and within life… To get past the controlled brainwashed ways of living, you must surrender to many false facts and beliefs you have come to believe through unconscious acceptance. It’s to see past the illusion we have placed over ourselves. Your thoughts and belief systems can be so destructive, that without knowing it, you are building your own prison and if anything more freeing ever passes you by, you are threatened because you would have to break your prison cell down in order to accept the new. After this, you then simply, with foolishness, move on to reject the new which can indeed be helpful and allow you to thrive in new and more amazing ways. You have accepted, without any care, falseness and limited concepts that literally harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In meditation, you achieve realizations that you have no chance for achievement if you stay within the chaotic state you are in now. You must quiet the mind-period- if you want to see something deeper and different. This goes for any topic in life. I repeat: any topic in life. You are seeking answers to your certain questions with absolute madness and complete foolishness. You have lost humility. If you miss humility, you miss a lot in life. It’s like me wanting to travel to Europe but I go on to sit in my car, scratch my head, and ask my mind, ‘why am I not going to Europe?’ while I am foolishly closed to the idea that I need an airplane or a boat for that. And that is my point. In life we ask deep questions and want to achieve or do things differently and we sit there scratching our heads making up comforting silly solutions: “illusions” which lead us to more madness. You must tap into the Unconscious to make the Unrealized become Realized. Do you see the truth in this? You are confused and lacking something, so with all you know, you are trying to put together answers with everything you have previously learned. Well, if you had the answers, you wouldn’t be asking, now would you…? So you now need to open up to that which you do not know and then you have a better chance to materialize answers to unsolved questions. It is like me telling you, ‘hey! Do you know if you close your eyes you will see darkness?’ And because your eyes are open, you say, ‘No way! Impossible! There is light everywhere.’ Really? Well, then close your eyes… No, that’s not true. I don’t need to, I don’t want to, you are wrong. That is exactly why you will not see if this is false or true. Same thing with life. We answer questions without ever opening up to other possibilities. In other words, stop giving your opinion before you ever really thinking about it, let alone experiencing it. Now, you’re probably wondering, ‘Well, what would happen when I quiet my mind?’ I’ll tell you this: you start to tap into your heart. You start to tap into your emotions and intuition, just like every great person who is remembered throughout history. These people, if you carefully observe them, were, at some point, deeply in tune with their GUT. This intuition, this part of them that says, “YES!”, while the logical mind says, “NO!”, is in modern day considered innovative. These people are viewed as the “BOLD” ones, “Weird” “Contradictory” “Brave” “Big Thinkers”. In Silence, you start to tap into other levels of Intelligence that you host as a Spiritual Entity. These are levels of Intelligence that the mind hasn’t understood yet. Stop defending this as if it is something good, the only thing it is, is comforting. Turn your attention within for 30 minutes. You are here for the average of: 80 years or 29,200 days and that is it. Then you move on from this playground. We truly have no time to waste. Time is ticking and there is no time for stubbornness, especially when it comes to well being and your true Potential. While you are here, make sure you are playing. Your Soul loves to play. Play: meaning be happy and free. Do nice things. Discover and Explore new things. Go on a random adventure. Try something out of your comfort zone. Women: love your husbands. Do something different for them today, put some extra spice, love and attention in the food you cook for them. Stop complaining! Look at your wives, Men… Kiss them like you mean it, dammit!!!! Honor them, for they are Sacred. Your Soul wants to play. If you are not playing, then it is no coincidence you are lost in confusion, feel yucky, perhaps have become a control freak, scared of every little germ, paranoid, tired, or sexually inactive. When you play, you let go and let loose. Otherwise, it’s not fun and we all know when we play, we have fun because play is fun (otherwise it is not play). You see now why you must play… playing means you’re letting go and are allowing yourself to be a natural state of being when everything is at ease. Meditation can help you surrender to many levels and layers of control you have because of your fear of Growth. Hint Hint: when you play, you are satisfied. Perhaps then you will not feel drowsy, down and out of it. Elevate your Spirit and feel your Light. Shine your light. Be as bright as the STARS. Meditation = Inner Connection. You will no longer experience hesitation in your words or life. Your day will be filled with Unrealized potential. Life is here to be good to you. If you believe anything less, let go of that belief and you will see something different. Treat your temple “body” with Respect. I hope you now see that Meditation, is in fact, the act of SELF RESPECT. The aknowledgement of the Self, the practice of realizing more through conscious intention. The allowing of letting communication of the mind, body ,and spirit to be made all at Once. No more shall you self neglect! Tap into your deepest intellect! Keep in mind, this is for Self Respect. Intelligence you can’t understand is on its way to you now, all you must do is allow. Stand up and perform. Leave it all out on the stage. Do not be afraid for the audience needs your utmost greatest performance. And they shall come back again. Let’s just pretend them coming back is your energetic satisfaction in life on a daily basis. This is going to be a busy show, isn’t it? Respect thyself. Respect. ThySelf.

If you don’t know how to MEDITATE and you would like to learn I am here to show you. I can share all that I have come to understand. Be still. Meditate and control your mind. Your mind isn’t yours till you claim it is yours.


The Perfect Stranger.

So I constantly find myself being asked what the turning point was on my
Spiritual Journey that made me decide to make this my life’s absolute mission. Meaning, why am I devoting my whole life to helping people connect with themselves and helping people reach Higher levels of self awareness? I want to share and speak of new thoughts and new ways to help folks open up to something bigger. An Idea that we here on earth are not familiar with. I will get straight to the point, now listen… or read 😛 

About 4 years ago I was working as an Insurance Broker and I would constantly find myself in deep thought, thinking things such as: if I have to do this the rest of my life I’d much rather not be here. Simply because being stuck in a 5 by 5 desk space with no windows for 8 hours felt worse than torture to my Soul. After all I am a Biological Entity that does need Vitamin D from the Sun for ultimate vibrant Health. I’d say about 3 weeks before this experience I found myself in an extremely overwhelmed state of mind in which the realization that I was not meant to be an Insurance broker in this lifetime came over me and that I was clearly put here to show something more to people. At the time I was beyond confused because I had no idea what this “more” was. So I went to my car around lunch time, cried my eyes out and I found myself begging the Universe to show me an extreme physical sign of such Epic validation that I did not need to question myself anymore. If I was to leave Insurance that would be okay. That I would be able to live a nice grounded earthly life. Simply put, I told the Universe to show me a sign that what I feel think and see is accurate and valid. I needed a sign that I could touch, see, hear, smell and I would simply leave insurance behind and never look back. 

So lets fast forward now, 2 weeks after this day of begging and demanding. I am in the office on a Friday around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I started to feel this force present in the office. I was all by myself and it’s as if the presence was in my mind gently, nicely telling me to get up and leave. I was like “um hello where do you want me to go…?” Once again gently, nicely the energy/force that was in the room told me to get up and leave. I must say for a second or two at the time I thought I was going mad or nuts because I was still astounded that someone or something was in the room, moving in waves telling me to move and leave from the office. Of course by now I had learned to listen to my intuition or else I would end up stubbing my toe or bumping my head on the refrigerator or something else annoying would happen. So I simply started to make my way up and prepare to leave. Now I did for a split second or two tell myself, no this is completely wrong and bad if I leave work at 3 o’clock because I had to be there till 5. But what did it matter? After all I had permission to do so… It just felt so right to do this. I quickly started to become extremely nauseous at the thought of not leaving. So with no hesitation I began my departure, walked up the stairs, and got into my car and I must say the most exciting thoughts and feelings aroused in me. I don’t know where I am going but I know I am about to go on a journey. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer. God… Love…Universe… Angelo… Uncle Savva… Who ever is listening I ask of you one thing: Guide me, lead me and attract me to where I should truly be going right now. 

Since I felt as free as a Bird I started driving around, enjoying my music seeing where the flow took me. I wound up deciding to go eat something at this place on 30th avenue a place in Astoria NY called Pita Pan. You should go one day… Awesome!!! So I go around looking for parking and as usual not much parking. All of a sudden I find parking right next to my favorite cafe. I proceed to get out of my car at this moment, engulfed in deep thought. “Where the hell am I going in my life” but at the same time in some odd way I had this deep joy inside me. As I got out of my car to go pay the meter like the good citizen I am 🙂 I feel somebody tapping me on my right shoulder… I turn around to see a 5’5 short, Indian man looking me straight in the eyes and He said to me:

“You my friend look like you have a lot of money but you don’t. You have a nice suit, nice watch, nice car, and are a good looking young man. All your money goes into your right pocket and out of your left pocket.” 

I, being a wise ass at the time, told him, “Well thank you Sir but this is almost everyone’s story in NYC and the world. Tell me something I do not know.” 
There was a brief moment of Silence. And he then said, “Are you sure you want me to tell you something that you don’t know…?” I said, “Of course.” He then handed me a piece of paper which he said to put in my left palm and close it. Then he proceeded to ask me, “What is your favorite flower? Write it down here on my note pad.” I wrote down Rose on his notepad and then he told me to open up the piece of paper he had put in my palm. I opened up the paper and he had clearly written Rose. I was somewhat impressed and said, “Okay… Good guess.” Then he put another piece of paper into my palm. Now he asked me to write down on his note pad my favorite color and how many siblings I have. I started to sweat because I told myself that this was about to get real if he gets this right. I took his pen, while holding in my left hand his paper and of course I wrote down Blue and 3, for all my beautiful siblings. I opened up my palm quickly after that and sure enough– holy cow!– he had written Blue and 3 on the paper he handed to me moments before. I started really sweating at this point and at that moment realized that this is the Universe answering my prayer. Now he was extremely focused and it was as if he was almost ignoring me. He put yet another piece of paper in my palm, and asks me the year I was born and 2 wishes that I have and he told me that he would pray for my wishes. I was now becoming a bit overwhelmed because if he got this one I have no words to explain it. I proceeded to write on his notepad 1988, work, and money. Sure enough I open up my palm and look at the paper on which he had also written 1988, work, and money. I looked at him in awe. He was extremely serious and focused at this point and said, “Do you wish to speak some more?” I said of course what else can you show me? He said, “If you wish to speak we have to go inside your car because it’s extremely loud out here.” I surely did not mind welcoming this 60 year old, 5’5, harmless Stranger in my car. All his intentions were to help me. I felt and knew this in my heart. 

In the car now I can tell you that I thought of a million questions to ask him but it’s as if he started ignoring me again and started to speak to me. He started answering my questions on his own with out me even asking them. He proceeded to say you have to look at me and keep your palms open. He said to me, “Your father has heart problems. He just came out of the hospital and he will go back in almost exactly a year from now because he will not stop with his Smoking habits and lack of care for his health.” Now keep in mind, I barely was allowed to speak. He said all I need to do is nod yes or no and I could speak after he was done. I was WOWED and said okay. Oh and by the way, yes, my father had just gotten out the hospital and did end up going back exactly a year later. He then went on to say, “Your mom is a beautiful lady and has lots of love in her heart. She is a nurturer and she is taking care of an elderly woman in your house, in a place where there should be a dining room table. I see a hospital bed there and your mom will or already has started to developed left wrist pains because of having to move this lady around daily.” He then said, “Be patient, for this will change. Tell your mom she will not be doing this for much longer.” We had to take care of my grandmother in the middle of our dining room. My mothers mother-in-law. He then proceeded to say, “Your siblings, friends, and family do not understand you and you should find ways to speak to them more clearly because you just confuse them with your words. You get too excited and things don’t sound how you want them to sound. They will eventually start to understand you. Do not worry.” Another fact. I had so many things occurring to me Spiritually that I had no idea how to explain this stuff to people so I not only left people confused but I left myself confused. He continued with, “You have a girlfriend– I will write her initial down on a piece of paper– I have this to say: If in the next month and a half she doesn’t understand your spiritual growth and how much Love you have to offer to a woman she will leave you because you will scare her away.” Lets just say that exact thing happened a month later. Again I kept trying to get words in but he would interrupt me and answer my questions before I even asked them. He then got serious and I realized after he told me this but all the stuff he said before was to comfort and prepare me for the truth he was about to speak to me. He told me, “I want you to go in your room and close all of your books because you are researching and reading too many topics which are leaving you confused, frustrated and completely drained.” I was astonished once again, for how the heck could he know how my room looks like? That I have 100 books, articles and videos open on my desk? He said, “You know in your heart the topic you love most. You must focus and pick 1 topic you love the most and simply just focus on that daily and you will discover many gifts and abilities you have yet to unlock. He then said that I would go on to help many people change their lives and help many people in general with many things. He kept on going, “You will be very well known in spiritual communities and communities in general. You will help people relax and connect with their spirituality. You will be doing this work for the rest of your life.” He then really awed me and comforted me beyond imagination. He said, “You will go on to write books on your journey and your experiences because people need to hear about it and you will help them. You will write books on your journeys in the dream realm because you have futuristic and intense psychic, lucid dreams. (I giggled inside and said I hope we find a proof reader. My grammar isn’t the greatest. But I am so for it man.) Now how could he know about my dreams and that I have all these spiritual dreams? I didn’t mention anything to him. My heart was singing at this point. He kept telling me I had a lot to offer to people, that I would help people a lot and I should seek to change my life. I should trust the universe and that I would speak in front of people one day and through that help many, many people. And that everything will reveal itself to me if I just stayed open. 

He went on and on, and gave many more details and bizarre but relative information. This conversation went on for about 1 hour. I couldn’t help but tip him $40.00. I almost even gave him my I-pod I was so ecstatic but then I thought twice. I was crying through the majority of this experience. I just couldn’t help but be in awe at how accurately the universe validated and answered my prayer. I was so overwhelmed that my body was shaking and I demanded that he answer some of my questions. I said, “You know and understand that everyday I try to convince my family and friends I am not crazy, right? Why couldn’t you stop any other random person or my friends who always hang around here or my brother or my Uncle who is always down the block? Why me? Why did you choose to stop me?” He looked me in the eyes and said, “You asked for this. I stopped you because I knew I had to tell you all of this stuff because you wanted to hear it.” I had no words. He answered with such power and ease. He even knew that I asked for this? Wow!!! Simply Amazing. He said that he also knew I was extremely connected to the universe as we all are but I was open and ready for this. I then also asked him why I felt so impressed by what he just did but at the same time I had this cocky feeling that I knew in my heart I could do what he did? I said, “I know I can do this. It’s impressive but it honestly makes sense in my mind. I see and know why this is possible.” He responded, “Because you can do this. All you have to do is meditate for 1 hour a day at 4 in the morning and you will gain complete consciousness of the information that wants to pass through you.” Ever since then I meditate regularly and wake up a lot– not always, but I do wake myself up at 4 a.m. to meditate until I sleep again. And I must say although I had no idea what was coming, I did decide that I was quitting insurance once I discovered what these gifts and abilities were and that I surely would be devoting my heart and passion to this.
I have discovered many things over the past 4 years and have experienced completely powerful synchronicity, which has led me to the discovery of many abilities I, and we as Spirits and Humans, have. Many people ask how I came to do energy work or my psychic work. Who has taught it to me? I must say the more I meditate the more out of body experiences I have and it is throughout these journeys or lucid dream worlds/realms that I enter a state of knowing and being in which I simply remember that I can do what I do. I remember that oh yeah, of course I have and can feel energy and if I focus with love and a calm mind I can help someone with a headache. I know this. Of course if I run this energy in your auric field I know it can calm you down. After all I am shining light unto you. Or in certain dreams I know I already know things about people or helpful tips I can share with people. The dreams and meditations have helped me gain tremendous clarity in my life and I recommend Meditation to all. The build up of random events, feelings, traffic, people, red lights and perfect actions that needed to happen for this event to occur in my life is truly mind boggling. I wonder, what if the red light took 1 second longer? What if I drove 5 mph quicker? What if the person who left the parking spot didn’t? Then I wouldn’t have been there at the perfect time to meet this awesome person. What if I didn’t get up and leave?

Here is the last part to this story. I never saw this person again. He told me his name was Irout and gave me a phone number to call him if I ever wanted. Well you know me, I called him the next day and 30 other times in the past 4 years and never once did this phone number work. I put my hands in the air and I gave up and must say I don’t even know if he was human. Maybe he was just a physical manifestation of an Angel. Who knows? But I do know one thing, He is and was The Perfect Stranger. 

I must go now for I must absorb and enjoy this beautiful experience. I wish one thing for you all, keep your eyes and heart open always in your lives. And do feel free to ask, beg, and demand from the universe for deeper levels of clarity or whatever other questions you may have or realizations you wish to be made. I truly feel so honored and humbled to have had this experience and am more than overwhelmed with joy to have shared this with you.

Thank you for reading Wise Soul, feel free to ask me what you wish.

There are Secrets in our Art.

There are Secrets in our Art.

Ignite!!! Inspire the sensation of might. The light is already in your sight. You must feel just how real this is. I would not mind giving you a spiel of my mind and heart. There are secrets in our Art. Be sure to treat my heart and thoughts with care. Forgive me if I’ve shaken all that you have taken to be real. In order to truly feel the deepest layer you must join me in prayer. Answer me not. Just think about the Possible. The words I will utter are worth a shot, they will release your Clutter. I am here to show you what is real because yes Soul you are a Big Deal. Here is the secret you must feel. Silence is your Golden truth. Forever you will fight this, for you are scared to Surrender. I promise you this, listen and you will feel a Bliss that is so courageously forgotten. You will witness this only for a short while for you will reminisce and witness that your Inner bliss never left. You stopped feeling it by unconscious acceptance. The Universe wants to hold your hand and show you something. She is waiting for you to reach. Call, for she is eagerly awaiting to Teach.