Meditate For Crying Out Loud.

Meditate For Crying Out Loud.

Meditation helps you with gaining inner connection. Correction: this practice isn’t for hippies, it’s for the ones who seek something deeper within themselves and within life… To get past the controlled brainwashed ways of living, you must surrender to many false facts and beliefs you have come to believe through unconscious acceptance. It’s to see past the illusion we have placed over ourselves. Your thoughts and belief systems can be so destructive, that without knowing it, you are building your own prison and if anything more freeing ever passes you by, you are threatened because you would have to break your prison cell down in order to accept the new. After this, you then simply, with foolishness, move on to reject the new which can indeed be helpful and allow you to thrive in new and more amazing ways. You have accepted, without any care, falseness and limited concepts that literally harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In meditation, you achieve realizations that you have no chance for achievement if you stay within the chaotic state you are in now. You must quiet the mind-period- if you want to see something deeper and different. This goes for any topic in life. I repeat: any topic in life. You are seeking answers to your certain questions with absolute madness and complete foolishness. You have lost humility. If you miss humility, you miss a lot in life. It’s like me wanting to travel to Europe but I go on to sit in my car, scratch my head, and ask my mind, ‘why am I not going to Europe?’ while I am foolishly closed to the idea that I need an airplane or a boat for that. And that is my point. In life we ask deep questions and want to achieve or do things differently and we sit there scratching our heads making up comforting silly solutions: “illusions” which lead us to more madness. You must tap into the Unconscious to make the Unrealized become Realized. Do you see the truth in this? You are confused and lacking something, so with all you know, you are trying to put together answers with everything you have previously learned. Well, if you had the answers, you wouldn’t be asking, now would you…? So you now need to open up to that which you do not know and then you have a better chance to materialize answers to unsolved questions. It is like me telling you, ‘hey! Do you know if you close your eyes you will see darkness?’ And because your eyes are open, you say, ‘No way! Impossible! There is light everywhere.’ Really? Well, then close your eyes… No, that’s not true. I don’t need to, I don’t want to, you are wrong. That is exactly why you will not see if this is false or true. Same thing with life. We answer questions without ever opening up to other possibilities. In other words, stop giving your opinion before you ever really thinking about it, let alone experiencing it. Now, you’re probably wondering, ‘Well, what would happen when I quiet my mind?’ I’ll tell you this: you start to tap into your heart. You start to tap into your emotions and intuition, just like every great person who is remembered throughout history. These people, if you carefully observe them, were, at some point, deeply in tune with their GUT. This intuition, this part of them that says, “YES!”, while the logical mind says, “NO!”, is in modern day considered innovative. These people are viewed as the “BOLD” ones, “Weird” “Contradictory” “Brave” “Big Thinkers”. In Silence, you start to tap into other levels of Intelligence that you host as a Spiritual Entity. These are levels of Intelligence that the mind hasn’t understood yet. Stop defending this as if it is something good, the only thing it is, is comforting. Turn your attention within for 30 minutes. You are here for the average of: 80 years or 29,200 days and that is it. Then you move on from this playground. We truly have no time to waste. Time is ticking and there is no time for stubbornness, especially when it comes to well being and your true Potential. While you are here, make sure you are playing. Your Soul loves to play. Play: meaning be happy and free. Do nice things. Discover and Explore new things. Go on a random adventure. Try something out of your comfort zone. Women: love your husbands. Do something different for them today, put some extra spice, love and attention in the food you cook for them. Stop complaining! Look at your wives, Men… Kiss them like you mean it, dammit!!!! Honor them, for they are Sacred. Your Soul wants to play. If you are not playing, then it is no coincidence you are lost in confusion, feel yucky, perhaps have become a control freak, scared of every little germ, paranoid, tired, or sexually inactive. When you play, you let go and let loose. Otherwise, it’s not fun and we all know when we play, we have fun because play is fun (otherwise it is not play). You see now why you must play… playing means you’re letting go and are allowing yourself to be a natural state of being when everything is at ease. Meditation can help you surrender to many levels and layers of control you have because of your fear of Growth. Hint Hint: when you play, you are satisfied. Perhaps then you will not feel drowsy, down and out of it. Elevate your Spirit and feel your Light. Shine your light. Be as bright as the STARS. Meditation = Inner Connection. You will no longer experience hesitation in your words or life. Your day will be filled with Unrealized potential. Life is here to be good to you. If you believe anything less, let go of that belief and you will see something different. Treat your temple “body” with Respect. I hope you now see that Meditation, is in fact, the act of SELF RESPECT. The aknowledgement of the Self, the practice of realizing more through conscious intention. The allowing of letting communication of the mind, body ,and spirit to be made all at Once. No more shall you self neglect! Tap into your deepest intellect! Keep in mind, this is for Self Respect. Intelligence you can’t understand is on its way to you now, all you must do is allow. Stand up and perform. Leave it all out on the stage. Do not be afraid for the audience needs your utmost greatest performance. And they shall come back again. Let’s just pretend them coming back is your energetic satisfaction in life on a daily basis. This is going to be a busy show, isn’t it? Respect thyself. Respect. ThySelf.

If you don’t know how to MEDITATE and you would like to learn I am here to show you. I can share all that I have come to understand. Be still. Meditate and control your mind. Your mind isn’t yours till you claim it is yours.


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