– Take Control –

How many people can say they actually are happy? Really feeling alive! Truly, really, every cell in your body is vibrating from happiness because you are doing what you want to be doingnot something you settled for but something that makes your SOUL SING. How many people can wake up in the morning and jump out of bed strong, ready, happy, healthy, amplified for the day ahead and fully ready for what it has to offer to us or ready to give to life that which we can offer it? How many people can say they are living their dreams? How many can say they are truly satisfied in all that they experience in their lives; who actually learned how to be in the now moment and totally overcome the past and create the future they wish to create? And able to let go of the stress that thinking in the past or the future brings upon us. What about nowWhere are you now? Maybe your dreams are not happening because you aren’t present. You are absent from Honoring your Souls Mission. That which brings you joy, never bury it. Build on it, create a skyscraper made of your dreams and passions. Make them your life. Make sure the beauty is visible from miles away, standing tall and elegant like a beautiful architect made building.
How many people actually had the guts to get up from their regular boring routine and say, “To hell with this!!! This isn’t me. I am lying to myself and from a deeper level I am lying to those around me and through this I create unknown emotional issues. Then, with no awareness whatsoever wonder why I am overweight, unhappy, never energized, depressed, etc. You start to feel unhappy and then go to those close to you, friends and family, and tell them how you feel off sad weak “Don’t know where I went wrong“, you wonder. I’m lost, I’m not me. Well answer me this: Who?? Who actually has the Courage to admit to this? Who even knew that perhaps you got so caught up in this outside world trying to always meet a deadline, trying to always move through traffic, trying to always get somewhere, pass a test, not be late, thatyou became so lost in this game we are all a part of (life) that you are now running around like a chicken without a head. Just going. Where?You don’t even know anymore! Do you think that perhaps you have been sold a lie? Sold a version of reality to suit someone else’s needs and whether it satisfies you or not isn’t that important to the one who created this version of reality that you foolishly bought. Perhaps we have been brainwashed from young, pure, innocent kids to think a certain way, be a certain way, act a certain way, and if you did anything outside of that you were looked upon as a weirdo an outcast, dumb, foolish, crazy, not following the rules, out of your mind, not normal, mentally unstable. To hell with that! Look at history: all the greats were, at the time, portrayed as the insane ones. The ones who didn’t know what they were talking about. The ones who were seeking the impossible, the impractical. Only to later be proven right. Own your Uniqueness in such a way that, yes it disturbs the normal way of things because You, my friend, clearly are not normal. Science says an atom only appears in a certain place if you measure it. The act of observing creates the entire universe. Um Hellooo get to work! You are something beyond the very universe itself. If you carefully observe this then, that which you want your reality to be, if observed intensely enough, can actually start to form and Manifest in your life. What the… holy…. shaking my head for the next hour, just for even being able to come to this realization. Atoms are spread out until an observer comes along. Then, they come together. At deep levels your mind is creating and allowing you to experience reality. This is a phenomenal thought to ponder for the rest of the day. You are so amazing, it is amazing. 
The only way out of your limited experience and unsatisfied life is to get up off your butts, get out of your comfort zone, and care not for the judgement’s of  others. Your judgement is enough. We judge ourselves on a daily basis. We are the only ones that really judge ourselves and most of our judgments come from trying to suit the idea of someone else’s vision for us, not what we actually feel is true. So, drop all false beliefs and look at it from a grander perspective. If you want a new you to emerge get every cell in your body moving and grooving and dancing to the Harmony it is intended to dance to. Forget the old you. Simply because your conversation in your mind is saying that you are not that anymore that is why it doesn’t feel good anymore. You want to feel Alive again… Create yourself anew with the most very truly defining moment you ever are promised: Right Now!!! This is it! Right now, take control of your life. Stop doing what others want you to do. Dance your dance; stop judging yourself so harshly; look in the mirror if you want change because you’re the only one who can do it. Nobody else. You and only you. That which you observe starts to come your way. Remember that. Take over instead of being taken over. Do it for you. Do it for a better world. Do it for the sake of your potential to feel good while you are here. If you need any assistance on the new path you choose to take for yourself find new friends, read new books, watch new videos, change your music, surround yourself with the difference you wish to see. Get proper guidance, find a new role model, get an energy healing, a massage, hire a personal trainer, speak to a nutritionist, meditate, seek new ideas, hire a life coach start to participate like never before. Get involved in your Journey. 
The thing you should focus on most is becoming Self Empowered. If you aren’t in sync with that, then perhaps you aren’t ready for change. It’s all about taking responsibility in your every action and becoming aware of all that you do. Then, go on to change, which you must do, after taking responsibility in order to act in the highest way possible to be who you are seeking to be. The greatest thing you can do is to compete with no one but yourself.
The fundamental jump start to all change is when the realization comes, that where you are, isn’t where you want to be. And all that you see in front of you today is an old idea of who you use to be, not necessarily who you actually are. And so the journey begins.
Peace Be =)

The First Past Life Memory.

One of the very first past life memories I had surely had me up for some giggles. This experience was indeed profound. There are many amazing things in this story which I wish to share with you, so you may perhaps get a taste of the amazing that I have witnessed. 

This took place within the first year and a half of my incredible Spiritual Awakening. I started to become engulfed in the thought of Reincarnation and past life memories. I developed this quiet curiosity and proceeded to take the proper steps that someone would take who is seeking answers to such questions. One of the very first things I came across was a past life regression done with a Hypnotherapist. It is quite interesting because after making the decision that, “I will proceed with finding a Hypnotherapist to help me with this” I came across for the first time- in the very neighborhood I lived in for years- a nice small sign, that I had obviously passed so many times, that read “John Parada, Certified Hypnotherapist”. Since that was one of the first signs I saw after I prayed a few nights before to the Universe to guide me to the proper person, I gave him a shot. Initially, because I was young and not educated much on this topic, I believed all of the stereotypes and fears people have around this topic. “Don’t go by yourself”, “Be careful he doesn’t brainwash you”, “Don’t trust them”, “I heard so and so”… So I asked one of my very close friends George to come along with me just to be sure and safe. Meanwhile the hypnotherapist posed no threat whatsoever contrary to all the warnings I received. Never listen to someone who hasn’t even experimented with this awesome art. This experience reguided my entire life for the better. I wanted to do hypnosis for many reasons. I wanted to know if this was anxiety coming from another lifetime. Is it even true that I could have lived in another body previously and if so I want to see and feel this, so I can validate why I feel this could be true. I also wanted to see if it could help me get the heaviness off my chest that I constantly used to feel. 

So here it goes, I am finally on the recliner after such a long wait and trying to scrape together every penny of mine to do this. George was ready with the notepad to take down important notes that were needed for recollection just in case I did not remember what I was seeing. The hypnotist ten started directing my mind to a point of relaxation, which took a few minutes and he started to take me back to different stages of my life. “Angelo where were you last New Years Eve? Who did you say Happy new year to first?” To my surprise I started to remember clearly. “Angelo please share with me where you were Christmas 2005”. I started to remember vivid and clear events of Christmas 2005, which was interesting in it self. “Angelo take me back to the second grade… what was your teachers name?” Answers were coming out effortlessly. I was in a deep trance so although I was at some level surprised I was so relaxed and curious to keep finding out more because I felt we were onto something. I was impressed by the fact I was remembering many more details as we continued with that part of the session. He took me to a powerful memory and emotion I felt when I was 7 years old or so, then he started to take me to the moment of my birth at which point I started to experience a whole lot of overwhelming intensity and joy for it was such a beautiful process and all I remember was that at that moment I was engulfed in the purest white light. I got a bit teary at that memory for I felt the beauty and love from my mother. So he then proceeded to say, “Okay, Angelo we are now going to start to take a look at a lifetime that you might have experienced before this incarnation. Where you were, what you were doing before this incarnation. Let’s go to the lifetime that will help you clear up the heaviness you feel on your chest.” He started to guide me once again into an even deeper trance and now keep in mind that I went into my hypnosis thinking that I was going to see that I am from another planet because that is how I felt my entire lifetime here. I was blown away when the complete opposite started to occur. I was stricken and awed at what I saw. I was literally in the most peaceful state of mind and could have stayed there for a while. I started to see a vision. First, it was all white. Then, I started to see a girl, a 7-year old girl, in a white dress. She was very, very, very sad because she was by herself. The clarity started to occur and I was asked to explain myself to the Hypnotherapist and George, where I was at that moment. “Now Angelo, what do you see? What is going on?” I was silent for about 5 minutes because I was so embarrassed to share that the realization I made was that I was basically a 7 year old girl who died from some sort of water death. I was holding a black rock in my hands and before I could speak I burst out crying uncontrollably because there was so much emotion and truth to this experience. It was a complete knowing. I can’t explain how in this state of trance it just made so much sense. I saw everything clearly and it just clicked on why I would have had this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and also deep fear of water in this lifetime. (In every picture as a kid you see me very frightened and fearful of water.) I finally built the courage to share with them what I saw, because it was quite challenging to tell one of your best friends you are seeing yourself as a 7 year old girl with a white dress on, curly hair and same green eyes I still have in this lifetime. Here I am, this 20-year old man in this lifetime trying to make sense of all of this, so the whole girl thing did not click and flow. However, as I continued to share more of what I was seeing with them I cried and cried my eyes and pain out, releasing like never before. He even asked me the date or time period I was in. “1848”, I said, without a thought. I fell into a very deep trance and was shocked to find myself experiencing the body of a 7-year old girl, with the Consciousness and mind of this “Angelo” being I am now. Eternity felt even more real during this experience in which I was reliving this short lifetime of mine with such lucidity. Continuing on the hypnotherapist started telling me to let go of the black rock, which clearly symbolized that I was still holding on to this pain. He guided me to let go of the rock since now we had seen where this was coming from. I let go of the rock and the most profound thing started to occur. I started to feel as if I was moving up at an extremely fast pace and at this point I did not feel my physical body at all. I then came to a complete stop and I started to feel the love of my mother. I looked to the right and I saw my mom from this lifetime. She looked like an Angel and was filled with light. I knew she was helping lift me up when she started doing some bizarre things with her hands. Then, I started to feel another familiar energy and as I turned around I saw my brother-in-law John with the biggest smile and he had an Angelic look to him. He was helping my mother raise my spirit up as well. I felt so loved and supported by the both of them. I finally snapped out of this trance and got up off the chair and Holy bizarre, awesome, funky, amazing experience. When I got up from the chair I never felt so light in my entire life! I felt and thought that I could clearly levitate. I was so light it made me start laughing. I was extremely energized and hyper after this beautiful and humbling experience. I was so anxious to share this with everyone because of how amazingly healed I felt after.

Like all my visions and experiences, I told the Universe and my friend George that I would never, ever share this experience with anyone until the Universe gives me complete physical proof and validation that this was an authentic experience and not just my imagination as any average person would believe and foolishly say. I tell people, “Hey, if your imagination can make you feel this light and good then imagine on… However there is a much deeper perfection behind all this.” So here is my favorite part of this story: George had just dropped me off at my home and as I was about to leave I told George let’s not say a word about this until we see validation and proof. So as he Ieft I proceeded to hang out on my stoop for a few moments surrounded by the joy and humbleness I now felt. I nicely asked the Universe please, please, please show me a strong sign of validation so I can share this beautiful story with people. So now let me mention it was a Friday and I had my cousins, Savva and Georgette, over my house for the weekend. My mom was on babysitting duty and I had promised them I would come back home early that day to play with them. Now we all know when you say something to a child you better believe they will take your word for it. So as I was laughing along at my new found joy I looked at my phone to find 10 missed calls and a few voice mails from my little cousins who were looking for me. So now after I’m done with my short request for validation I proceed to open the door to find my two little cousins at the top of the staircase anxiously waiting and playing by the staircase. My mom said they were putting up a fight to stay by the staircase because they wanted to see me once I came in. So once I opened the door this is what I heard come out of both of their mouths, as if they planned it. They hid a piece of paper in my room and Georgette ran to my room, brought the paper to me and she and Savva, at the same time, scream to me as they unfold the paper, “Look Angelo you are a little girl with a white dress on! You have curly hair and you are crying. Hahahahahahaa”. I literally almost fainted I was so stricken I could not even keep myself from crying with joy for the validation I received not even 20 minutes after I asked for it. I asked them why they would draw me as a little girl for this never happened before and they had nothing to say besides blaming it on each other. But their eyes told me why. Their eyes specifically told me, “You know why”. I believe this happened through them because children are extremely telepathic and connected to Source more than adults. They are not yet programmed to a certain way of thinking which causes us to dismiss a whole lot. I called my friend George to share with him the validation not even 20 minutes later and he pretty much was speechless and said, “That is freaky man, we will talk later”. Lets fast forward a few years… I kept sharing this experience and this one lady I shared it with asked me if I ever asked to receive validation for the date. I replied no, for I never felt I should. However after that week I did put out a request once again. I asked the universe for a double validation out of curiosity. I told the Universe to somehow, someway validate the date for me, please. It was the Saturday before Greek Easter and Greek Easter sometimes falls a week before Catholic Easter so on the way out of my house my mom asked me to drop off Easter baskets to my cousin Georgette and her sisters so I said sure. I went with no intention or request to receive this validation on that specific day. I parked by a school by their house and because it’s a school block there were usually no cars parked there. I gt out of my car and I went to get the baskets. Now keep in mind there are no cars parked there. I suddenly got a phone call in the midst of all this so I got back into my car and talk for about 10 minutes, then got back out a second time and as I was taking the baskets out a man pulled up behind me and parked his car. He got out and as he was locking his car he said Hello to me. After he said Hello to me for some reason something compelled me to look at his license plate and the guys license plates last four numbers read 1848… Wow, Wow, Wow! I was stricken once again for this is just Wild stuff man. How perfect and synchronized was all this. I mean the chances of this being an accident are simply impossible. You are talking some on point synchronicity which is impossible to just happen by chance. Clearly this proved to me this happened on purpose, for a purpose. For me to get my validation. Period. The most important of all for me out of this whole experience is that I felt great and amazing. I proceeded with a deeper level of happiness and after this experience it almost felt as if it was effortless to be happy. Nothing heavy was stopping me. I was not in a depressed mode. I would say going into the hypnosis I knew that I was capable of more happiness and my curiosity simply lead me to discovering more happiness. Ever since this day, after carefully observing what the Hypnotherapist did to guide me to this state of calmness, to be able to perhaps experience something in the past, I started to experiment much more with past life visions. Actually, I started to perform this on myself regularly, so if you enjoyed this vision and experience you should come back again and read what other recollections I have had ever since then. This was one of many past lives I have remembered. To date, I have remembered over 100 past lives, some of them with extreme detail which I will share eventually. Many were extremely healing and empowering and have changed my life forever. Believe it or not it has brought great, great peace upon my mind, body, and Soul. The next lifetime I will share is my lifetime as a Persian Soldier, which got rid of a physical pain on my throat. The many lifetimes I have recalled off this planet show realities and civilizations that make ours look Primitive. The main feeling that stays from this vision is that you should always be curious, always explore and always be open to higher levels of happiness. For you do not know how happy you can be until you experience and let go of things that you are holding onto… Even those that you might not even be aware of. 


Honor The Sacred.

Honor The Sacred.

I bow down to honor the Sacred. Never, ever will I host hesitation where there is a stream of thought inhabitants that wish for my procrastination. I am here not only as a Seeker, but a Creator indeed. Foolish am I if I must seek for validation. When I have need for explanation, I limit the forces of creation that pass through and serve me. Power, I must feel, this is what keeps me Real. To feel your Earth will guide you to insights in which you will realize this… I go nowhere ’til I respect all here first. I have said it all and that is loud and it is clear. Respect all here, never put her to your rear. Yes I must, yes we must hear the Spirit loud and clear. Lust is a tease. Love indeed will leave you Pleased. Bigger you are, just see passed the scars. Surrender shall be your first contender. Seek to unlock your questions in the roots you are neglecting. Honoring “I” is my mission, perception is my decision.

Psychedelic Thinking We Must.

Psychedelic Thinking We Must.

Psychedelic thinking we must. Forever in a transition. Momentum and movement is your best friend. Feeling truth like it’s cool. Grabbing it like ya life depended on it. Seeking for a new definition, we must reposition our hearts. Here to teach my own lesson to the self, day by day obsessively claiming my Inner wealth. If you’re right… put up a fight. Like Ghandi, be gentle. Like Buddha, be still. Like Jesus, have faith and Love. Like Martin Luther King, BELIEVE. Forever and ever your spirit shall go. Keep in mind, this is just a temporary show. Sharing my all, ’cause there is a meaning to Us all. Raising our vibration and guiding us to a new level of temptation. Chaotic we will never be, for we forever will seek to see our Grandest Vibrance. So alive, I might just cry. Truth dwells inside. Permission I give thee to new DNA accesses in which relaxes the physical manifesto forever letting it be evermore alive. Don’t let your Vision die. Seek for your truth as consistent as this existence. – ZenMan