– Take Control –

How many people can say they actually are happy? Really feeling alive! Truly, really, every cell in your body is vibrating from happiness because you are doing what you want to be doingnot something you settled for but something that makes your SOUL SING. How many people can wake up in the morning and jump out of bed strong, ready, happy, healthy, amplified for the day ahead and fully ready for what it has to offer to us or ready to give to life that which we can offer it? How many people can say they are living their dreams? How many can say they are truly satisfied in all that they experience in their lives; who actually learned how to be in the now moment and totally overcome the past and create the future they wish to create? And able to let go of the stress that thinking in the past or the future brings upon us. What about nowWhere are you now? Maybe your dreams are not happening because you aren’t present. You are absent from Honoring your Souls Mission. That which brings you joy, never bury it. Build on it, create a skyscraper made of your dreams and passions. Make them your life. Make sure the beauty is visible from miles away, standing tall and elegant like a beautiful architect made building.
How many people actually had the guts to get up from their regular boring routine and say, “To hell with this!!! This isn’t me. I am lying to myself and from a deeper level I am lying to those around me and through this I create unknown emotional issues. Then, with no awareness whatsoever wonder why I am overweight, unhappy, never energized, depressed, etc. You start to feel unhappy and then go to those close to you, friends and family, and tell them how you feel off sad weak “Don’t know where I went wrong“, you wonder. I’m lost, I’m not me. Well answer me this: Who?? Who actually has the Courage to admit to this? Who even knew that perhaps you got so caught up in this outside world trying to always meet a deadline, trying to always move through traffic, trying to always get somewhere, pass a test, not be late, thatyou became so lost in this game we are all a part of (life) that you are now running around like a chicken without a head. Just going. Where?You don’t even know anymore! Do you think that perhaps you have been sold a lie? Sold a version of reality to suit someone else’s needs and whether it satisfies you or not isn’t that important to the one who created this version of reality that you foolishly bought. Perhaps we have been brainwashed from young, pure, innocent kids to think a certain way, be a certain way, act a certain way, and if you did anything outside of that you were looked upon as a weirdo an outcast, dumb, foolish, crazy, not following the rules, out of your mind, not normal, mentally unstable. To hell with that! Look at history: all the greats were, at the time, portrayed as the insane ones. The ones who didn’t know what they were talking about. The ones who were seeking the impossible, the impractical. Only to later be proven right. Own your Uniqueness in such a way that, yes it disturbs the normal way of things because You, my friend, clearly are not normal. Science says an atom only appears in a certain place if you measure it. The act of observing creates the entire universe. Um Hellooo get to work! You are something beyond the very universe itself. If you carefully observe this then, that which you want your reality to be, if observed intensely enough, can actually start to form and Manifest in your life. What the… holy…. shaking my head for the next hour, just for even being able to come to this realization. Atoms are spread out until an observer comes along. Then, they come together. At deep levels your mind is creating and allowing you to experience reality. This is a phenomenal thought to ponder for the rest of the day. You are so amazing, it is amazing. 
The only way out of your limited experience and unsatisfied life is to get up off your butts, get out of your comfort zone, and care not for the judgement’s of  others. Your judgement is enough. We judge ourselves on a daily basis. We are the only ones that really judge ourselves and most of our judgments come from trying to suit the idea of someone else’s vision for us, not what we actually feel is true. So, drop all false beliefs and look at it from a grander perspective. If you want a new you to emerge get every cell in your body moving and grooving and dancing to the Harmony it is intended to dance to. Forget the old you. Simply because your conversation in your mind is saying that you are not that anymore that is why it doesn’t feel good anymore. You want to feel Alive again… Create yourself anew with the most very truly defining moment you ever are promised: Right Now!!! This is it! Right now, take control of your life. Stop doing what others want you to do. Dance your dance; stop judging yourself so harshly; look in the mirror if you want change because you’re the only one who can do it. Nobody else. You and only you. That which you observe starts to come your way. Remember that. Take over instead of being taken over. Do it for you. Do it for a better world. Do it for the sake of your potential to feel good while you are here. If you need any assistance on the new path you choose to take for yourself find new friends, read new books, watch new videos, change your music, surround yourself with the difference you wish to see. Get proper guidance, find a new role model, get an energy healing, a massage, hire a personal trainer, speak to a nutritionist, meditate, seek new ideas, hire a life coach start to participate like never before. Get involved in your Journey. 
The thing you should focus on most is becoming Self Empowered. If you aren’t in sync with that, then perhaps you aren’t ready for change. It’s all about taking responsibility in your every action and becoming aware of all that you do. Then, go on to change, which you must do, after taking responsibility in order to act in the highest way possible to be who you are seeking to be. The greatest thing you can do is to compete with no one but yourself.
The fundamental jump start to all change is when the realization comes, that where you are, isn’t where you want to be. And all that you see in front of you today is an old idea of who you use to be, not necessarily who you actually are. And so the journey begins.
Peace Be =)

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