Be an ally, not an enemy to yourself.

Be an ally, not an enemy to yourself.

You know what trips me out the most about life? How 7 billion people host a biological body and not even 1 person has a full understanding of what their true origins really are. The completely bizarre and unique creature that they are seems to be the biggest mystery in every mind. Not one of us knows where we came from. Maybe we have clues, but we have only the slightest of clues. The mind that we have is so complex, that it seems to be easier to leave it alone than to get to know it. We have some understanding of ourselves. Actually let’s be truthful: very little true understanding. So little that it still leaves us wondering. I mean truly all of this is remarkable. I find this thought breathtaking and wonder, what if for 1 year we were allowed to fully devote our time to learning about ourselves? What if we researched deeply, eagerly, abundantly for these answers. What then? What would we discover? How much more amazing would our short experience here be? I must say that in the past 7 years I have explored this thought deeply and desperately. I have to admit that I have a total readiness to let go of the next limiting thought that would keep me from deeper insights. I have discovered and explored thoughts and have had experiences that have truly humbled me. My journey has allowed me to explore and feel versions of love and happiness that previously were not in sight. I have had experiences which validate that the body I host is clearly and simply a vehicle that allows the “I Am” aspect of me to experience a 3D world for a short time. These realizations and knowings come from a deep level of urgency and emotion. I wanted to know more about me.
Let me remind you of this: Emotions… Where do they come from? Why do they even happen? Emotions cannot be implanted in you and they cannot be seen. They can only be felt through the “I Am” aspect of yourself, and the you that you are is the only thing that has proven to be the truest of all. Although your body seems to be forever changing and aging, the only thing so far that has seemed to be a guarantee is you will always remain alert of the “I Am” in you. That has stayed around you throughout all of your existence, and it seems to me that this is the thing to pay attention to because it is what is truest in your life. Your 5 year old body, although once here, will never be here again, but you still are. Your 15 year old body, although at sometime here, nope, not anymore. But you… You’re still here. So what does this mean? Maybe the “I Am” aspect of you is the most important thing to pay attention to for it is basically the only truth. It is a constant. You have a body that does such complex things that every time we seem to make a discovery, more and more questions arise out of that which we discovered. If you were to sit back and think about the diverse complexities you are made of, I think you would just sit back and giggle for a little while. It is so impressive that there is this mover inside of us all that is making all of this work. There is something behind every inch of life that makes it happen; an intelligence that just knows what to do to keep this all going.
These are just some thoughts to ponder.
I promise you one thing however: That which you seek is seeking you. When you start to observe bigger questions you start to receive bigger answers. I know one thing though, if we were to all put our differences aside we would all realize we are part of the same story, and that is existence. This is why I believe no matter how weird, how loving, how hateful someone can be we must seek to find deeper meaning in it all because it is proven that we all, in one way or another, affect each other. So no matter what treat all with utmost respect. Existence… you are so persistent. Thank you for that.
Be an ally, not an enemy to yourself.


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