Untouched Potentials.

    In a recent meditation at around 3 a.m. in the morning, I received a beautiful message which I feel inspired to share with you. In the midst of my meditation, about a few breaths in, I all of a sudden started to realize that waves of intense magnetic like sensations were flowing right past me and through me. As every human would do at this moment of intensity I peeked my eyes open and I started to see shadow like things coming in waves and there was this sort of fuzziness in my room. I braced myself and allowed whatever Spirit or Being was present to fully communicate with me. While I was sitting there observing this, it is as if I got lifted up to another place. I started to see a very light blue scenery with lots of white light floating everywhere. I started to experience enormous amounts of Peace and kept going with the flow of everything. 
    Suddenly, it was as if I was yet again taken to another, higher level of vibration where thoughts started to flow through my mind. It was like I was having a conversation with someone. A very deep conversation where the other person was doing most of the talking, and everything kept coming through as a “What if you look at it like this?” kind of question. “What then? How will your life look then?” There was an extreme joy for we both started laughing and both understood simply. Haha! Oh my, how joyful would my life be then… 
So here is a simple realization that came through for me during this time of deep and relaxed meditation. 
    I was shown and asked to, for a few moments a day- especially in the morning when my mind shall be most relaxed, to take a few moments to look at this God being that we all speak about. What if we were to look at God as all the unexplored, unimagined, undiscovered, and unknown potentialities that dwell deep within us all. This thought lowers our limitations and resistance. This is genius! I was seeing this from a place of silence and was able to fully understand what this energy or being was trying to share with me. My goodness, I thought. If people were to seek the unexplored, unimagined, unclaimed, unseen aspects and potentials in their lives, which are clearly capable of presenting themselves to us, we would allow this creator energy even closer to our hearts. For this awareness simply leaves you with one choice and one realization: “I have much more to discover”. 
    You come out of stagnation when you admit and know that “I can become more today”. In order to have this realization you must however come to the conclusion that what you know today must come to a pause so that you may let the new in. You see, this is not a call to forget everything you know. It is a call to let something new in. For if you had it all figured out you wouldn’t still be scratching your head on the question of how it is you got here. Now if you pay attention to the world today, you see that although there has been much growth, we as individuals close ourselves off to more growth. We take something and stick to it, idolize it and hold on to it. This goes for things we learn in school, religion, on TV, at our jobs, family beliefs, traditions, etc. However, this can truly be harmful to our inner growth. How else will you grow without the simple acknowledgment of “At this moment I seek for more to pass through me”? 
    I honor the unexplored, untouched, unseen, and unknown potentials now more powerfully than ever before. My goodness, if this is carefully observed, then this creator energy we speak about would be even closer to our hearts than ever before. It would allow the feeling of God “creation” to dwell within us even brighter than before. You see God is the almighty creator, so if you only look at something from one perspective, then another perspective may never enter your mind. It is important to start to look at things from a multidimensional perspective, because God clearly is not a singular expression. If that was the case, so many different things would not be occurring at this one moment– all would just be one plain, old, boring beat. This is not what is happening. For we see through reality that creation is multidimensional. If I seek for the Unknown to be known, right then and there I allow creation energy to flow through. If I open my mind to not only see the mountain but also see behind the mountain and around the mountain I can see much clearer. We have to zoom in to our observations. We zoom out too many times by closing ourselves up and then we wonder why we have such a hard time understanding existence. 
    By thinking constructively I propel my consciousness forward and now have the potential to see something more of the new found vision I have allowed within. One example I come across many times in my work is when I say to folks, “Hey I believe you need to open up your heart a bit more so you can feel the deeper satisfaction that you are looking for. If you were not seeking for more you wouldn’t be trying new things nor would these questions arise.” We are naturally seekers but then we do silly things. We try to absorb information with an already wet sponge. You must rinse the sponge out if you want to absorb more. We are funny because we do try new things but once something is presented to us that is totally out of our comfort zone, we instantly protect ourselves and say no, no I can’t do that! So and so said this is not right; my religion doesn’t let me; science says no; the doctor said this is impossible. The moment you say, I am already a loving being and do express love, what you are really saying is: I am not looking to expand my heart for I already foolishly think that I am expressing the most amount of Love. By thinking this way you have now stayed present only to a certain degree of love and have limited your being instead of expanded. But how can you know this if you never seek for more ways of expression?
     The unseen can be seen and wants to be seen. It is up to us to make this choice and it starts with letting something new in. Think about this for a moment: Let’s say Steve Jobs was stubborn when he first came out with his innovative product and because his company within a few years was making millions of dollars he didn’t request or care for more innovation and growth. What if he was so stuck on what he had just created and did not think forward? Well then you would not be reading this blog post on your i-phone today. You would not be reading this in the clear way you are reading this. Leaps and bounds would have not been made in computing if he was too proud to say we can do it differently. If one thing is true it is this, Steve Jobs was mad for Innovation. He didn’t care that the top IT guy in apple told him this is impossible. He did not care that the local people told him nobody is going to care to have a computer in their homes. He could have accepted limitation but he was bigger than that so he diligently listened to his drive and passion. Because he had vision and allowed effortless creativity to flow through his mind and spirit he is literally looked at as highly as a prophet from 2,000 years ago. 
    Innovation requires new creative and abundant ideas. This is what it is about folks. The innovation of the human Spirit, Mind and Body. Be innovative in your philosophies. Yes, philosophies from 5,000 years ago are great but how about you become that next great prophet. There may be a prophet inside of your spirit and it will never be known because you fear the unknown. You are afraid to change your ways. You fear forgetting, so you can remember something different. I am here challenging you from this day forward to seek, demand, and request the unknown, the unseen, unspoken, unimagined, and undiscovered potentials you host. I dare you to do what is right in order for leaps and bounds to manifest in your consciousness. Everyday take a moment to close your eyes and utter this: “Dear God, love, Universe, Energy (or what ever term you feel comfortable with), allow me to see my undiscovered potential, allow me to see where I can grow, allow me to imagine that which I presently cannot, allow me to become more than I am today through making me aware of that which I am not. I demand for more to come through me. I seek to see the unseen.” You see the moment you do this you already become curious about what more can actually come. All sorts of questions may be aroused in these moments. Questions that, through time and exploration, can be answered.
    We know from looking at the past that, that which is most dominant in human imagination tends to become reality. You have completed the first step to becoming more, to witnessing more of your potential as a Being, to feeling that which is not presently felt. Now you start entering the realms of abundant thinking and it is this we long for. Abundance not only in material, but in emotion, empathy, heart, mind, joy, etc. We are seeking for abundance the whole time we are here and from here on in we must seek within. So let us take the proper steps as a collective group to achieve that which we have yet to see. The only difference is not that we haven’t done this in the past but that we may now do it consciously through focused effort and as a result become even more powerful and effective. I dare you to be Great. Don’t think Big. Think Bigger. 
I seek for more, I long for more. I have only one duty, one chore. It is I that must get up and Explore.  

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